Barstool Rockers

A Music Conversation

Barstool Rockers is a podcast about music.  Hosted by two life-long rock fans, it aims to inform and hopefully entertain.

Lost Gems

We are just a few weeks into starting our Barstool Rockers Podcast. We are still getting our land legs with this thing.

The plan is to feature interviews with various musicians to talk about their lives, the business, and what's important to them.

We're also planning on having different features on the show.

If I can convince my co-host, one of those features will be about music, or artists that you either don't know about, or have forgotten about.

Here's just a few:

Angel City, also known as The Angels. Hard to describe. I'll give it a shot though. It's AC/DC with a shot of punk? Sorry...It's the best I could come up with ''on the spot''.


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