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39: Chuck Garric

Chuck Garric is one of the hardest-working bass players in rock music today.  Not only has he toured and played a key role in Alice Cooper's band since 2002, he also fronts his own band, Beastö Blancö, alongside Calico Cooper. 

14: Jeff Pilson

One of THE NICEST guys we've ever spoken with, Jeff Pilson, currently of Foreigner, took some time out from his day to chat w/ us.  We talked about the band, Jason Bonham, producing classical music, Dio, whether he thought Ronnie would be OK w/ the hologram tour and fond memories.

13: Long Live the Queen

We spend a little time talking about the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, and how her life has impacted so many.  Also the Dio Hologram, Lindsey Buckingham's solo tour and CD package, Steve Perry's new music and Roger Daltrey doesn't like Won't Get Fooled Again.