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Episode 16: Robert Berry / 3.2 (Part 2)

Wrapping up our conversation with Robert Berry on the new from the band 3.2 entitled, The Rules Have Changed. This is a continuation of the album that Robert made with Carl Palmer and Keith Emerson back in the late 80s with the band 3, called To the Power of Three.

We spend some time talking about Keith, Robert's musical career, prog rock, the 80s, washing dishes, the December People and more.  

If you haven't yet heard the album, you can get it from iTunes, stream it on Spotify and iHeartRadio, the Frontiers Records website, Amazon and anywhere great music is found.

The album features the last musical work from the late, great Keith Emerson, as he and Robert were sharing musical ideas and mapping out the album that came about after his passing.

Check out Robert's website:

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