Barstool Rockers

A Music Conversation

Barstool Rockers is a podcast about music.  Hosted by two life-long rock fans, it aims to inform and hopefully entertain.

Episode 0: Tap Your Toes

Barstool Rockers was conceived by Jim Finn & Dan Michaels, two radio hosts with a passion for music.  The idea behind this podcast is to give you a weekly 'magazine style' show, wrapping up the big events, news, releases and notable moments.  With a little luck, we'll be joined by some people you may know or some folks you haven't experienced... YET.

Thanks for visiting the site and thanks for giving us a chance to be a part of your week.  We'll talk to you soon!  In the meantime, enjoy our theme music.  Our friend Anastasia Vishnevsky created it.

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