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Respectful covers

I've noticed lately that there have been some very respectful covers of some Classic Rock staples put out over the past few years.  In the past, we'd get one here and there but recently, it seems like respect is the goal.  You may not agree with me and I'd love to hear what you think.  Shoot me a note on the contact page.  But here are some of them.

Anthrax: Carry On Wayward Sun (Kansas)

Sure, they rock it up a little harder, there's some double-kick in there, but Scott Ian and crew don't stray away from the true feel of the song.

Bobaflex: Hey You (Pink Floyd)

Another one where they rocked it up a little, but that's the feel of Bobaflex.  Again, they don't stray away from original.  They keep the spirit in tact.

Godsmack: Come Together

Sully and crew have roots in the world of Classic Rock and it shows.  They've put their own twist on a few songs over the years, proving that the classics will and never should die.

Godsmack: Rocky Mountain Way

Godsmack: Good Times, Bad Times

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