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Happy VD!

So, I subscribe to Spotify and have been listening to their 'Discover Weekly' lists every week when they come out.  I gotta say, the algorithm they employ is sure getting to know me.  A few songs popped up this week that I thought were worth noting:

Marco Sfogli: "Sunset Lights" from There's Hope

Another song came up by Virgil Donati: "Rhythm Zero"  It's from his In This Life album.  Couldn't find it on YouTube but I found this live track from the band.  Check out the album on Spotify if you're a subscriber.

Here's the song I was referencing over on Spotify...

Also, this one:.  A band called Airsick with "Homesick" from the album All Rights Removed.

And lastly, Blind Ego with "Blackened" from Liquid.

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