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Barstool Rockers is a podcast about music.  Hosted by two life-long rock fans, it aims to inform and hopefully entertain.

And we're back

So we disappeared, but it's time to roll forward.  We both ended up back at the same place we once worked but are taking a somewhat different approach.  Even though we're in the same building 40-ish hours each week and can now do this on the clock, we decided that we'd only do episodes when conditions warrant.  That may be a big story, something that gets under our collective skin, the Rock Hall doing their usual dumb shit or...

Anyway.  The station we're working at (Classic Rock 92.1) in Eau Claire, WI is being really supportive of our podcast and we have to love it.  I mean, if your employer let you do something YOU love, you'd do it, right?  So, if you'd be so kind, visit the website at  We both have blogs on there and those could certainly use some traffic as well.

Hopefully we're able to keep things going this time around ;)

We're doing this why?

To the mainstream, the loud and flashy make the news.  The celebs who ignite social media frenzies are considered the successful ones.  But there's more to it.  I hope we can move some obstructions and help you see and hear some of the music and stories that are worth telling.

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