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Barstool Rockers is a podcast about music.  Hosted by two life-long rock fans, it aims to inform and hopefully entertain.

Episode 36: Mick Box / Uriah Heep

A “proper rock show” is what Mick Box is promising on the upcoming Uriah Heep tour, as they support Judas Priest through mid 2019. The band’s 25 album / 50 year path gave us SO MUCH to talk about with Mick and the whole time, it felt like we had known him for years. We chat about writing, touring, balancing family with rock & roll, recording ‘old school’ style and how to deal with an audience that’s so drunk, the police pull the plug on the show.

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Episode 35: Steven Van Zandt

When a “made man” wants to talk, you stop and listen. Steven Van Zandt is a well connected individual with TWO bosses: Bruce Springsteen AND Tony Soprano. We spent some time talking about musical memories, his new album and whether his presence was requested for the Sopranos prequel.

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Episode 33: Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker is a changed man. With a career stretching back to 1969, the German guitar virtuoso is an artist for whom the term ‘volatile’ has sometimes seemed invented. Recorded with singers and musicians associated with Michael in previous decades, the aptly-titled Resurrection sees Schenker embracing his past to build something fresh and exciting. We had a brief window of time to chat with the legendary guitarist about where he draws inspiration from, the new project and more.

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